What is Doula Schoola?

  • Hybrid learning

    Doula Schoola is a fresh new approach to doula training. It’s hybrid2 (yep, that’s hybrid squared). Hybrid in format x hybrid in content. Online modules, live discussions, and a virtual classroom of like-minded learners all in one. That’s the hybrid format. Being a ‘casual’ doula for family and friends, or a professional doula that makes a living as a doula. That’s the hybrid content.

  • Rich Content

    • Ten content-filled modules that you can work through at your own pace – video lessons, articles, worksheets, templates, and resources
    • Seven weekly classroom sessions for live discussions, topic lessons, interactive activities, and hands-on demonstrations
    • Three special monthly Q&A calls
    • A meeting and hangout space to ask questions, get to know your fellow students, share resources, and encourage each other
    • All from the comfort of your own home, or when you’re out of town, or in the middle of the night… wherever, whenever it works for YOU!


Check out the FAQ below, or ​email me.​​​

Pricing options

Pay in full now. Or start with a $250 deposit when you register. The balance is due one week before the start of the course.

The Curriculum

  • Module 1 - Orientation, Introductions, The Role of the Doula, Benefits of Doula Support, The State of Maternity Care, Racism & Social Justice in Birth, Prenatal Care

  • Module 2 – Fetal Development, Overview of Labor & Birth, Communication Skills; Live Session 1 – The Significance of Birth, Cultural Influences of Birth, The Doula’s Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics

  • Module 3 – Variations & Complications of Pregnancy; Live Session 2 – Events of Late Pregnancy, Prenatal Visits

  • Module 4 – Stages of Labor

  • Module 5 – Active Labor, Pain in Labor, Heading to the Hospital or Birth Center, Admit Procedures; Live Session 3 – Pre- and Early Labor Support, Signs of Labor, Relaxation & Comfort Measures

  • Module 6 – Second Stage/Pushing, What is Back Labor?; Live Session 4 – Active Labor Support, Positions for Labor, Pain Coping, Transition Support

  • Module 7 – Pain Medication Options; Live Session 5 – Positions for Pushing, Second Stage Support, Comfort Measures for Back Labor, Positions for Optimal Positioning

  • Module 8 – Variations & Complications of Labor & Birth, Interventions and Medical Procedures, Decision-Making Support, Using Intuition in Birth, Reasons for Cesarean Birth, Cesarean Prevention

  • Module 9 – Immediate Postpartum, Third and Fourth Stages, Newborn Appearance, Newborn Assessments, Breast/Chestfeeding Basics, First Latch Support; Live Session 6 – Epidural Administration and Support, The Cesarean Birth Procedure, Supporting Cesarean Birth, VBAC Support

  • Module 10 – The Interview, The Business of Being a Doula; Live Session 7 – Postpartum Contact, How to Get Hired, Certification Options

Who wants to be a doula?

Change lives. Become a doula.

I do!

The Schedule

  • Week One - Module 1
  • Week Two - Module 2, Live Session 1
  • Week Three - Module 3, Live Session 2, Q&A Session 1
  • Week Four - Module 4
  • Week Five - Module 5, Live Session 3
  • Week Six - Module 6, Live Session 4
  • Week Seven - Module 7, Live Session 5, Q&A Session 2
  • Week Eight - Module 8
  • Week Nine - Module 9, Live Session 6
  • Week Ten - Module 10, Live Session 7, Q&A Session 3


  • How long do I have to purchase the course?

    The course begins on October 2. Enrollment closes on October 19. You will receive all content (modules, recordings, calls) we have completed when you enroll so you can catch up and join in.

  • How long will I have access?

    How does FOREVER sound? You’ll have online access for a full year after your training begins, and will be able to download everything to have access for the rest of your life!

  • Are there payment plans?

    Yes, you can pay in full when you enroll, or pay half now, and half by the time your class starts.

  • How do I access the modules?

    Each week you will receive an email notice when your new module is available. You’ll also receive an email with details to attend our virtual classroom for live sessions. And a link to the Q&A call.

  • How much time does it take?

    The seven live sessions are 3 hours each. The three Q&A calls are 2 hours each. Completing the modules will vary from 2 to 8 hours each week.

  • Who is this course right for?

    Anyone who wants to be a birth doula, or who wants to learn some really cool stuff about birth. Whether you want to help friends and family members in labor, you aspire to be a professional doula, or you are on the path to becoming a labor & delivery nurse, midwife or obstetrician, this course will provide an essential foundation into understanding the normal physiology of birth, the physical and emotional terrain of labor, how to provide exquisite support to a laboring person, and life-changing communication skills.

  • Does this training lead to certification?

    Yes! Certification is available through Big Belly Services, and is pending with DONA International. After you complete your training, there are additional steps to become certified. Those steps include reading additional books, taking additional classes on breastfeeding and business skills (I offer both of these classes separately as well), attending a minimum of 3 births and documenting them, getting two letters of reference, writing an essay, and creating a resource list. You can read about the Big Belly Services certification process here https://bigbellyservices.com/birth-doula-certification/, and get all the details on the DONA certification process here https://www.dona.org/become-a-doula/birth-doula-certification/. Certification lasts for three years, and they you can apply for re-certification.

  • How do doulas find clients?

    The best place to find your first clients is through word of mouth. So tell EVERYone you know that you are a new doula. Even if none of your friends are having babies, your cousin or co-worker or neighbor or friend knows someone who is pregnant. Tell them to pass your name along (or better yet, get some cool business cards made to hand out). You can also use social media to spread the word that you are ready for births. Put flyers up announcing your new service, create a website, offer a free info session about doulas in your community. There are soooo many ways to get the word out, and we’ll cover them all in Doula Schoola.

  • Where do doulas get jobs?

    Most doulas are self-employed; they do various forms of marketing to find their own clients, and they run their own business. There are some organizations that contract with, or hire, doulas to serve their clients. And there are a very few hospitals that hire doulas on staff. You might also be interested in a doula agency that does all the marketing and finding clients for you (or starting an agency if you like that part of the job). Some hospitals also have volunteer doula programs that allow you to sign up for a ‘shift’ to provide labor support to whomever is in labor at that time. There are many options, and you’ll learn all about them in Doula Schoola.